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Stock Glasses

Stock Glasses



If you’ve ever squinted just a little too hard to read the newspaper or found yourself zooming in on your monitor a little more than normal you’ve probably thought “Wow, I might need glasses.” Oftentimes, our patients have this thought and decide to go out and purchase a pair of ‘readers’ that simply offer a little bit of extra magnification.

Readers can be a great option for certain patients and they also make great back-up glasses which is why we also offer stock value glasses. However, at Caledonia Vision Center our non-custom readers offer many of the same benefits our custom glasses do.

When comparing our stock lenses to a big box store the advantages are numerous. For starters, we offer a 2-year warranty on both the frames and the lenses which means that your glasses will always be replaceable. We also offer superior UV protection, HC+ double sided scratch protection and Zeiss branded lenses. All together, our reader glasses will provide an experience that is leaps and bounds above traditional stock glasses.

If you think readers are the right choice for you give our office a call today at 616-891-2020 for more information.