Contact Lens Fitting

Caledonia Vision offers contact lenses for adults and kids. Our doctors advocate for the safest and most comfortable lenses for our patients, at the most affordable cost.

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Learn More About Contact Lens Fitting

For some patients, contact lenses are the best choice. Caledonia Vision offers options for adults, kids and specialty uses. Our doctors are skilled in the fitting of multifocal lenses which can nearly eliminate the need for reading glasses in patients over 40 years of age. We are now also offering custom scleral lenses for patients with severe dry eye or high amounts of astigmatism which has previously prevented them from wearing contacts.

Our doctors advocate for the safest and most comfortable lenses and do our best to make these lenses available to our patients at the most affordable cost.

For patients who wear soft lenses, daily disposable lenses are the safest and healthiest choice. As an added benefit they are also the most comfortable lenses for patients who wear their contacts all day (18 hours or more!) and use smartphones or computers during the day. If your contact lenses are not comfortable all day, ask your eye doctor if there is a new daily lens option that would be better for you!


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